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  • March 2015
    Christopher Wild on the exposome, a measure of environmental exposure.
  • February 2015
    Mathematicians are developing a blood flow model for metastasis.
  • January 2015
    René Bernards on discovering effective drug combinations.
  • December 2014
    Research on the high rate of burnout among young oncologists.
  • November 2014
    Carl June on the efficacy of CAR-T cells in treating leukaemia.
  • October 2014
    News from ESMO 2014 with Solange Peters and Alexander Eggermont.
  • September 2014
    Discussing how healthcare systems can meet the needs of cancer survivors.
  • July/August 2014
    Sophie Postel-Vinay on new recommendations for phase 1 trials.
  • June 2014
    Hans Clevers on important research into stem cells in normal gut tissue.
  • May 2014
    Carolyn Taylor and Paul McGale find evidence to clarify guidelines for radiotherapy after mastectomy.
  • April 2014
    Richard Sullivan and Ajay Aggarwal on how physicians can tackle the issue of affordability in cancer care.
  • March 2014
    The 1st EORTC Cancer Survivorship Summit addressed the practical problems faced by cancer patients.
  • February 2014
    Charles Swanton on a study that maps genetic changes in cancers over time.

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EJC News Focus – February 2013

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The Hallmarks of Cancer – 12 years on

What does it take to write a paper that will be cited more than 12,000 times? In the case of Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg, it was a day spent discussing the features common to all cancer cells. While the field of cancer cell biology was becoming dauntingly complex, they came up with a straightforward framework for understanding the cancer cell: it had, they said, six underlying essential features. The paper that brought these ideas together, The Hallmarks of Cancer, went on to become a publishing sensation.

More than 10 years on, they updated the paper and introduced another two potential hallmarks, but their basic idea has stood the test of time. Doug Hanahan (Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Lausanne, Switzerland) gave the keynote lecture at ESMO 2012; Helen Saul caught up with him there.