EJC News Focus – 2012 Editions

EJC News Focus is a monthly video report of the European Journal of Cancer.

January 2012
Rob Coleman discusses combinations of targeted agents in hormone-sensitive breast cancer.
February 2012
Mary O'Brien discusses an impressive trial of lung cancer screening using low-dose CT.
March 2012
EORTC Director General Fran├žoise Meunier discusses the challenges faced today by clinical researchers in cancer.
April 2012
Kathy Pritchard on key breast cancer research presented at EBCC-8 in Vienna.
May 2012
Fatima Cardoso on new consensus guidelines for treating advanced breast cancer.
June 2012
Martine Piccart, incoming President of ESMO, discusses important issues facing the profession.
July/August 2012
Why choose Oncology? Advice for those considering this career.
September 2012
Richard Marais outlines the main themes from the 22nd EACR Biennial Congress in Barcelona.
October 2012
Christoph Zielinski picks out the highlights of the ESMO 2012 congress in Vienna.
November/December 2012
More take-home messages from ESMO 2012.


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