EJC News Focus – 2013 Editions

EJC News Focus is a monthly video report of the European Journal of Cancer.

January 2013
What predictions do oncologists have for the coming year?
February 2013
How to write a paper that will be cited 12,000 times.
March 2013
Richard Sullivan on global issues in childhood cancer.
April 2013
Discussing cancer in an ageing population.
May 2013
Vincenzo Valentini explores the themes of the 2013 ESTRO forum.
June 2013
A look ahead to the European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam in September.
July/August 2013
EORTC President Roger Stupp on challenges for clinical trials research.
September 2013
A new advance in immunotherapy is discussed by Jean-Charles Soria and Caroline Robert.
October 2013
Richard Schilsky on the changes needed as personalised medicine enters the clinic.
November 2013
Highlights of the European Cancer Congress - cancer society presidents give their view.
December 2013
Precision diagnostics have great potential, but changes are needed to make them more available.


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